Avelon Digital Invoice Processing

Companies and organizations process numerous invoices daily. The proper handling of this paperwork is a recurring challenge for employees in financial administration. Their core competence - control accuracy - becomes compromised by disruptive activities such as tracing (disappeared) invoices. Things can be different!

The Avelon solution covers the whole practice of processing invoices. This means that activities from digitizing received documents to the release for payment of invoices will be optimized.

No organization is the same, no invoice is the same. A challenge to the developers of a standard solution. Our product is therefore partly configurable. Roles that are (or can be) distinguished include:

  • employee accounts payable;
  • business office;
  • purchaser;
  • budget holder.

Besides the design of the process, attention is also given to a management cockpit in which one that can monitor the progress and tasks that can also be rerouted. By optimizing the invoice, many benefits are to be gained, such as:

  • the rapid exchange of information;
  • invoices will never get lost;
  • the enforcement of a uniform/formal method of working;
  • the correct management of information;
  • more time for the core business.

Watch the demo for an overview of its functionality.

Do you want to discuss whether and how your organization can benefit from the possibilities that SAP offers in the area of invoice processing? Please contact us on this topic.