Fiori app for booking goods receipts

Processing a goods receipt within SAP is not a sinecure, certainly not if this has to be done in the context of the 3-way match by someone who does not work in SAP on a regular basis.

The Avelon Goods Receipt App makes the capture of the goods receipt much easier and also mobile. An important part of the app is the Smart Search functionality as applied to the Avelon Purchase Order App. This makes it much easier to search for the right order where reception is to be booked. You can search by order number, supplier name or product description. After typing 3 characters all corresponding values re directly displayed, similar to searching on the internet.

After selecting the right order, the number of delivered items can easily be entered and an appendix, eg the proof of delivery, can be added.

The app can be used place and time independent, so not only in the workplace but wherever there is an internet connection. Not only is handling easy, but convenience is also served! Depending on your internal security policy, additional measures are required for mobile use.


In summary, the features and benefits of the Avelon Goods Receipt app:

  • User-friendly capture of goods receipt;
  • Smart Search for finding the right order quickly;
  • Attach attachments, eg delivery notes;
  • Mobile to use, wherever Internet connection is (if mobile use Fiori app is allowed and tuned within your organization);
  • Runs on SAP ERP and S / 4HANA.

Do you have a need to discuss whether and how your organization can benefit from the possibilities surrounding the purchasing process? Please feel free to contact us about this subject.