Fiori app for invoice approval

The approval of invoices must take place as quickly as possible. This helps to keep the total processing time as short as possible and thus pay in time and make maximum use of any payment discounts.

Handling an invoice is often done by employees who are not working in SAP all day long. They find the handling through the SAP GUI often difficult, cumbersome and therefore not user-friendly. This does not, of course, promote fast handling!

Invoice+approval+app (1).png

The Avelon Invoice Approval Fiori app makes it easy and quick to handle an invoice. All invoices to be handled including the relevant details are clearly presented.

With a simple "Approve" or "Reject" the invoice is handled immediately. In addition, it is possible to send the invoice to another employee if it can not be handled by you. You can also ask a colleague for advice or agree for partial delivery.

The app can be used in combination with SAP Invoice Management (SIM) and an SAP workflow based invoice solution, eg Avelon Invoice Workflow. In addition to invoices without reference to a purchase order (NPO invoices) purchase order related invoices (PO invoices) can also be handled. This is for example often used in 2-way match handling, where the agreement on the invoice is also the agreement for delivery / performance. A separate goods receipt or service entry sheet is then not required. An attachment can be added as proof of delivery when approving the invoice. This is stored in the archive linked to SAP, eg SAP Content Server.

Upon approval of PO invoices, the tolerance limits, as arranged in standard SAP, are checked. In case of exceeding the invoice can not be approved and the practitioner will have to take action!

Not only the current invoices to be processed are clear in the app, also the invoices that have already been processed. So you have your history always at hand!

Handling invoices is not only easy with the Avelon Invoice Approval app, but also possible at any time. The app can be used on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), if there is only one internet connection! Depending on your internal security policy, additional measures are required for mobile use.

Not only is handling simple and modern, but convenience is also served by the speed of payment increased!

In summary, the features and benefits of the Avelon Invoice Approval app:

  • Reduces the threshold of approval of an invoice by simple and modern ease of use for the user;
  • To be used in combination with SAP Invoice Management and SAP Workflow based solution, eg Avelon Invoice Workflow;
  • Relevant approval information such as purchase order, classification, description, amount, due date and payment reference visible;
  • Handling history visible;
  • Insight into previously settled invoices;
  • Add attachments with proof of delivery / performance;
  • Mobile to use, wherever Internet connection is (if mobile use Fiori app is allowed and tuned within your organization);
  • Runs on SAP ERP and S / 4HANA.

Do you have a need to discuss whether and how your organization can benefit from the possibilities of the invoice processing process? Please feel free to contact us about this subject.