Fiori app for approving orders

An excellent invoice processing process is only achieved with a well-oiled ordering process. The current functionality in SAP for budget holders to handle their administrative tasks within the ordering process is often complex and not inviting. That is unfortunate, because it does not exactly reduce the threshold for carrying out the tasks. Budget holders often have no sense in this, in their eyes, administrative burden because they do not see it as the primary task. Handling must therefore be as user-friendly as possible and, above all, the convenience of the budget holder to achieve a well-oiled ordering process.


The Avelon Purchase Order Approval Fiori app makes handling the order for the budget holder easy and accessible. The app consists of the standard SAP Purchase Order approval app, which immediately shows how many tasks are still open to the budget holder. The app has been expanded in a number of areas. The app has been translated into Dutch and the insight into the entire treatment history has been added. Finally, it is possible to show a print preview of the purchase order confirmation so that the budget holder can see exactly which order is sent to the supplier.

The app can not only be used in the workplace, but wherever there is an internet connection, on every mobile device. Not only is handling easy, but convenience is also served! Depending on your internal security policy, additional measures are required for mobile use.

In summary, the features and benefits of the Avelon Purchase Order Approval app:

  • Reduces the threshold of approval of an order by simple and modern ease of use for the budget holder;
  • Relevant approval information such as classification, description, amount visible;
  • Previously linked attachments visible to the budget holder;
  • Possibility to show print preview purchase order confirmation;
  • Handling history visible;
  • Mobile to use, wherever Internet connection is (if mobile use Fiori app is allowed and tuned within your organization);
  • Runs on SAP ERP and S / 4HANA.

Do you have a need to discuss whether and how your organization can benefit from the possibilities surrounding the purchasing process? Please feel free to contact us about this subject.