Fiori app for placing orders

Improving the purchase invoice processing is a goal that is high on the agenda of many organizations. Faster payment terms, shorter processing times and the use of payment discounts ensure an excellent invoice processing. In order to realize this, it is important not only to look at the invoice processing, but also at the process before it.

Registering and controlling the purchasing process is crucial in order to reach expenditures that comply with internal and external rules (compliancy) before the inevitable invoice arrives. In addition, orders ensure simple matching of the invoice and thus less errors in accounting, shorter turnaround times and faster payment terms. Registering orders for services and consumables also provides the budget holder with a better and more up-to-date insight into the available budget.

Registering the (indirect) procurement needs is a problem for many organizations. The employees who are charged with this do not see this as the primary task and input is complex and time-consuming. The Avelon Purchase Order Fiori app makes registration of (indirect) orders child-friendly and place and time independent. This lowers the threshold to register and is therefore the perfect start to your excellent ordering process.

An example of the simple entry is the Smart Search search function of supplier and classification elements. By typing in a few characters, the corresponding search results are immediately displayed. No range of tabs, asterisks and case sensitivity, but search as you are used to on the internet!

Selecting the right classification elements works in a similar way. These can also be restricted per importer so that an employee can only select elements that have also been assigned to him / her. Entering an order is not only easy, the app also helps the employee to choose the right value.

The Avelon Purchase Order Fiori app is also a substitute for the PR, if used in scenarios where every PR is converted into one unique order. This makes your ordering process a lot easier and leaner.


In summary, the features and benefits of the Avelon Purchase Order app:

  • Simple and modern registration of orders through Fiori app;

  • Applicable in both decentralized and central procurement scenarios;

  • Smart Search, Google-like search function for supplier and classification elements;

  • Reduction of classification elements per employee possible;

  • Insight into previously recorded orders;

  • Possibility to add attachments (eg quotations) and internal comments;

  • Enter various texts for purchase order confirmation;

  • Automatic creation and storage of purchase order confirmation in PDF;

  • Registration and insight history orders are place and time independent, assuming a working internet connection (if mobile use Fiori app is allowed and tuned within your organization);

  • Replacement of PR with 1 to 1 conversion from PR to PO;

  • Runs on SAP ERP and S / 4HANA.


Do you have a need to discuss whether and how your organization can benefit from the possibilities surrounding the purchasing process? Please feel free to contact us about this subject.