Contextual SAP information anywhere, anytime

As a known provider of business process optimization and effectiveness, Avelon is convinced that reducing employees’ efforts to a minimum is key in any business.

Why keep on switching between several transactions and screens when you can have all required information on one screen, just one mouse click away?

Avelon has built a SAP add-on which increases user productivity by adding contextual information to standard SAP screens : EasyContext.

We have optimized this application for the departments involved in the Procure-to-pay (P2P) process.

This approach results in:

  • less manual lookup actions

  • less errors per transaction

  • increased business transparency

    • What’s the status of my invoice, purchase order, purchase requisition, …

    • Change logs: who changed what and when ?

  • better information pass-through between colleagues

  • faster processing per transaction

All of this, running smoothly with an absolute minimum of configuration.

Feature list:

  • view related attachments, notes, links

  • view open/unpaid invoices per vendor

  • view open PO/PRs

  • view changelog (who changed what)

  • Supports 130+ standard SAP transactions (some examples: XK03, ME22N, FD03, FS03, …) out of the box

Short demo movie:


  • SAP archiveLink compatible: works with SAP/OpenText Invoice management, Kofax, Readsoft, …

  • S4/HANA compatible: runs on SAP R/3 and SAP S4/HANA

  • SAPGui, NWBC, SAP Cloud platform, … on-premise and on in the cloud

Pricing and implementation cost:

Implementation cost: <1 week (training included)
Hardware investments: none (runs on SAP)

Pricing: 15.000 EUR (ex VAT)
Maintenance fee: 22% (yearly)

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