Contextual SAP information anywhere, anytime

As a known provider of business process optimization and effectiveness, Avelon is convinced that reducing employees’ efforts to a minimum is key in any business.

Why keep on switching between several transactions and screens when you can have all required information on one screen, just one mouse click away?

EasyContext is a Fiori App which provides Contextual information about ANY business object within SAP… yes, all of them… whether it is ECC, CRM, SRM, …
It will boost productivity, reduce the possibility for making mistakes and increase job satisfaction.

EasyContext visualizes almost all SAP objects such as Vendors, Customer, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, … representing contextual data such as basic information, attachments, workflow, notes, links, …
All of this, running smoothly with an absolute minimum of configuration.

Please contact Wouter Van Peteghem if you want more information, get the whitepaper from us or arrange a live demo.