Webinar on user effectiveness

Avelon has built a SAP add-on which increases user productivity by adding contextual information to standard SAP screens : EasyContext.

We have optimized this application for :

P2P in general

  • bring structured and unstructured information on one screen

  • see all related objects, just one click away

This results in

  • less manual lookup actions

  • less errors per transaction

  • better information pass-through between colleagues :

  • faster processing per transaction

  • easily view unpaid/open invoices

  • business transparency

    • e.g. what’s the status of my invoice, purchase order, purchase requisition, …

    • change logs: who changed what and when ?

2018-12-06 16_46_45-Display Vendor_ Address.png

sample application

We organise a 30 minute webinar on these dates :

  • Tuesday 18/12 at 10h

  • Tuesday 18/12 at 12h

  • Thursday 20/12 at 12h

  • Thursday 20/12 at 15h

where we quickly :

  • Explain how end users lose time on repetitive tasks

  • We offer our easy solution to work faster and more efficient

  • give a short demo

  • give insights on the installation aspect of the software

  • explain the simple pricing model

  • have a Q&A round for you.

If you’re interested, please subscribe here: we’ll send you the webinar details afterwards.

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