Workflow solution for streamlined invoice processing

Paying on time, minimizing manual actions when processing a purchase invoice, taking advantage of payment discounts and short lead times. Recognizable goals for many creditors administration.

The Avelon Invoice Workflow helps you achieve these goals. The process of registration and processing of purchase invoices is digitized, standardized and automated as much as possible. All purchase invoices are placed in the digital work list of the accounts payable department, where the PDF version of the invoice is stored in the archive linked to SAP (eg SAP Content Server).

If e-invoices and PDF recognition solutions are used, such as Avelon E-invoicing, the metadata of the invoice is prefilled in the invoice transaction of SAP. After completing the invoice by the creditors administration, it is sent to the right handler (s).

The solution is focused on processing non-purchase order related invoices (NPO invoices) and purchase order related invoices (PO invoices) that require approval from someone in the organization. This is especially applied in 2-way match invoice processing. This is an interesting scenario, particularly with indirect purchasing, because this purchase is usually not relevant to stock, and the employees involved are not used to recording separate goods receipts or service entry sheets.


This speeds up the invoice handling process while the (performance) delivery is still recorded by means of agreement on the invoice.

With PO invoices, the right handler is automatically determined, provided that the Avelon Purchase Order app is used for the registration of purchase orders. For non purchase order related invoices (NPO invoices), the correct budget holder is automatically determined using the same release strategy that is also used within the Avelon Procurement Workflow.

The employees involved use the Avelon Invoice Approval app to make the invoice approval as easy as possible.

In order to properly monitor the invoice handling process, the standard available status report is used. Among other things, this provides insight into which task lies and what the total turnaround time is.

In summary, the features and benefits of the Avelon Invoice Workflow:

  • Faster payment terms and shorter turnaround time invoice handling through digitized and standardized invoice handling process;

  • Does not support purchase order related invoice handling (NPO invoices) and 2-way match PO related invoice handling (PO invoices);

  • Simple audit trail because all treatment steps in the invoice handling process are kept in 1 log;

  • Automatic prefilling of metadata in invoice transaction SAP, standard possible via Avelon E-Invoicing;

  • Automatic selection of the right handler with the use of Avelon Purchase Order app and Avelon Procurement Workflow;

  • Standard reporting that provides insight into the status of the invoice handling process;

  • Automatic email sending for notification and reminder of outstanding tasks;

  • Runs on SAP ERP and S / 4HANA.

Do you have a need to discuss whether and how your organization can benefit from the possibilities of the invoice processing process? Please feel free to contact us about this subject.