The Avelon Mobile Engineer is a powerful mobile application which runs on all relevant mobile platforms. It synchronizes the work orders from your SAP Backend and stores them offline for your engineer to consult. When a network connection is available, your engineers will have direct access to your SAP backend.

Harnessing an integration with navigation software, it offers the possibility to the engineer to optimize his work schedule for the following period.

Customer information combined with navigation details will guide your engineers to the correct location in no time. Whether it's for serving your customers or doing maintenance on equipments in remote locations.

Additional texts and document attachments provide plenty of details for your engineer to perform his task. These attachments can be used for work permits, certificates, manuals, pictures and much more.

The engineer can add new attachments as well, by taking pictures, or making sketches of the setup. He can also add notes for follow up assignments.

During the maintenance operation, the engineer can scan the barcodes of any replacement materials to automatically consume or use them on this work order. This results in much more accurate invoicing afterwards. On completing the work, the engineer can enter his worked hours and let the customer sign-off on the executed order.

After signoff, the workorder can only be consulted in read-only mode on the device, and the backoffice can start the invoicing process.

We consider our solution as a flexible and powerful alternative for the SAP work manager and allow you to extend and change code easily.

Feature List


 Overview of work orders and schedule

·         Route details

·         Order details

o   Texts and attachments

·         Confirmation of consumable and non-consumable materials

o   Via manual entry

o   Scanning of 1D barcode

o   Scanning of QR code

·         Confirmation of different times (work, travel, overtime,…)

·         Signature capturing

·         Creation of new incidents or opportunities


·         Direct connection to SAP Backend

·         On-premise and Cloud options

·         Hybrid web application

o   Best of both worlds

o   Runs on Apple, Android and Windows

o   Runs on Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone and smartwatch

·         Offline storage

·         Data conflict detection

·         Usage of device camera for barcode scanning

·         Usage of GPS location

·         Customizable and extensible


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