Avelon organizes together with VNSG and SAP a workflow afternoon session

On Thursday, January 19th, 2017 Avelon organizes together with the VNSG and SAP a workflow afternoon session. This day will be devoted to the future development of workflow and associated business benefits. It will be a varied afternoon, for both developers and business users that work with SAP workflow.

In addition to plenary presentations, there is also an interactive parallel track. Workflow management is always an important element in improving business processes. Increasingly important herein is the user experience. During this day you have the chance to get in touch with your SAP experts in this field and you can even influence future developments.

During this day also Avelon will give a presentation and demonstration entitled "Improving user experience in approval processes."




Amerikastraat 10
5232 BE 's-Hertogenbosch



We would like to welcome during this afternoon! Registering is free. Please click here for more information and the subscripton form.