Avelon Packaged solutions

For many years Avelon has been involved in improving business processes using SAP workflow and BPM. SAP offers standard solutions. However, tuning of complex software is a time consuming challenge. Therefore Avelon has developed a number of implementation tools. These "packaged solutions" are based on best practices and have proven themselves well in practice.

Our solutions ensure that an implementation can be carried out quickly. Our experience and tools ensure that we can perform many of the services at a fixed price. Our implementation solutions can also serve as a starting point to improve a process rapidly and thoroughly. Hereafter we can implement your specific requirements.

Avelon offers solutions in the following areas:


Procure to pay

Avelon PR & PO Approval

The procurement process for companies often unstructured and does nog run on proper checks. This can lead to undesirable situations.

To solve this kind of problem Avelon has two products to its portfolio: Avelon PR & PO Approval. Both products help to structure and automate the purchase process: from the creation of a PO to releasing and communicating to a supplier of an order. They can be deployed together or independently depending on the wishes and needs of the organization.



Based on years of experience, a pre- configured based solution has been developed to support the processing of incoming invoices.

The Avelon template based solution 'digital invoice processing' covers the entire cycle of processing invoices. This means that the activities from the digitization of the documents until the payment and booking of the invoice are optimized.

Next to the optimization of the invoice processing we also paid attention to, i.e. an operational status reporting cockpit which can monitor the progress and possibly re-route tasks.


sap invoice management (SIM)

SAP Invoice Management (SIM), also known as Vendor Invoice Management (VIM), is recommended by SAP as the add-on for processing incoming invoices.

SIM has been developed by OpenText and is sold and supported by SAP. SIM helps to streamline invoice processing and minimize risks. It helps Accounts Payable departments to support the complete process from receipt, transformation, routing and auditing.

Based on our knowledge and experience in SIM implementations, a preconfigured SIM solution has been developed. 



For the processing of SAP workflow tasks via mobile devices and web browsers, we recommend SAP Fiori.

SAP Fiori is a collection of applications for common and frequently used business processes. Many of these approval processes are supported by SAP workflow. The applications seamlessly work with the devices we use every day: smartphones, tablets and desktop.

Avelon has developed a SAP Fiori app that enables you to approve incoming invoices.



Technical optimizition

Are you already using SAP Workflow? Do you want to be sure that this is used in the most optimal way? Avelon has extensive experience with the optimizing of an already in-use SAP Workflow environment. As specialists, we can best judge whether or not optimization is needed. In case of a potential improvement, we are able to quickly realize the improvement and thus the benefits.


workflow archiving & log link

Do you need a clearly readable workflow report? Is cost- saving and performance-enhancing data archiving postponed because you're afraid of losing important information? 


review workflow design

In its years of operation, Avelon has developed a variety of best practices and useful tools to improve existing Workflow implementations. Want to know more? Please contact us via the details on the contact page.