Mobile handling of tasks

SAP Fiori is a collection of apps for common and frequently used business processes, which are supported by SAP workflow. The applications work seamlessly across the devices that we daily use in our business environment: smartphones, tablets, or desktop.

The applications of SAP Fiori provide functions for SAP workflow approvals, quickly retrieve information and several self-service tasks for managers and employees.

Because SAP Fiori is simple and easy to use on different devices, employees and managers have access to important business processes and information anywhere and anytime. The total process time of business processes can easily be reduced because approvals in SAP workflows are accessible at any time, regardless on which device the employee has access to on that certain moment.

SAP Fiori provides applications for SAP workflow processes in several areas such as Human Resources (HR), Purchase-to-Pay (FI/MM) and Sales & Distribution (SD). Examples amongst others are entering timesheets, approval of timesheets, approval of shopping carts, approval of purchase orders, and creating sales orders.

Furthermore, SAP Fiori offers an application for approving generic SAP workflow processes. This provides the possibility to create custom approvals for company specific SAP workflow processes on top of the standard SAP Fiori applications.

For more information regarding Fiori we refer to the website of SAP.

Customer success stories 

Please read about the experiences of Perfeti Van Melle, one of our happy customers, with SAP Fiori.

The SAP Fiori apps that Avelon have implemented significantly simplify and accelerate our approval processes. They provide a user-friendly way to process SAP system tasks via mobile devices.
— Massimo Terrevazzi, Group CFO, Perfetti Van Melle


Next to having experience in implementing standard Fiori apps delivered by SAP, Avelon also has beenà expanding Fiori apps when the default functionality was inadequate. In addition, Avelon has also developed Fiori apps:

Read more about the Fiori apps developed by Avelon or contact us without any obligation on this subject.