SAP Netweaver BPM consultancy

Every company needs a flexible IT environment in which business processes can be adjusted easily and quickly.


Competitive advantage

A company can distinguish itself from its competitors in cost benefits or services if they can adapt their processes.

SAP NetWeaver BPM can play a crucial role when it comes to quickly and appropriately adapting processes to dynamic developments. Our efforts focus on the translation of your needs and ideas into a risk-free implementation of a process change, while maintaining or improving user-friendliness for the users involved.


What is SAP NetWeaver BPM?

SAP NetWeaver BPM is part of the Composite Environment (CE). NetWeaver BPM (like the SAP Workflow Module) is a tool for modelling business processes. CE is an independent application development platform based on a service-oriented architecture (SOA).


Why does NetWeaver BPM help to reduce hidden costs?

The successful idea behind NetWeaver BPM is that the "business rules" of an organization are primary and should be easily translatable into process steps. 
Examples of business rules are procurement schemes, ladders with discount percentages and complex calculations.

For this, SAP has developed Business Rules Management (BRM). This functionality results in the easy capture of business rules, which is the starting point of a reliable process design. In other words, it works as planned and the result is as desired.


The quality of processes becomes less dependent on the experienced staff.

NetWeaver BPM, in combination with Business Rules Management, reduces the dependence of an organization on the experience of its staff. This is, at least around incidental work, an important aspect of the service. Our experience shows that these modules help to reduce hidden costs.

We realize that it is a challenge for many to appreciate the advanced capabilities of SAP modules. We like to get acquainted with you and discuss the possibilities for your organization.

Interested in an introduction? Please get in contact with one of our NetWeaver BPM specialists, or view the online demo.