SAP workflow consultancy

SAP Workflow is the most successful tool for optimizing business processes. Implementing SAP Workflow allows you to easily model complex business processes within your SAP environment. 

Avelon is the market leader in the Benelux in the field of SAP workflow consultancy. For a whole group of renowned clients, we provide:

  • SAP Workflow implementations
  • Support & training
  • The optimization of operational SAP Workflow environments


Not yet using SAP Workflow?

SAP Workflow is part of the SAP NetWeaver platform - it is therefore available by default in every SAP environment and can be used for the process optimization of virtually any process. 

SAP Workflow is particularly suitable for process modelling in applications where user interaction plays an important role. SAP Workflow has the following characteristics:

  • it is mainly used to automate processes and procedures within a SAP system
  • is not tied to a specific SAP module
  • it works uniformly over the SAP modules
  • it coordinates task handling and distribution, combined with the provision of all necessary information

SAP Workflow is often used to automate the stable core processes of a company.


Examples of processes using SAP Workflow 

  • Approval of purchases (ECC / SRM)
  • Quick and proper handling of complaints (CRM)
  • Invoice handling (ECC)
  • Master data management (materials / suppliers / customers)
  • HR self-service scenarios (ESS / MSS)
  • Renting and terminations (Real Estate)
  • Connecting and disconnecting houses (IS-U)


User interaction and user-friendliness are a priority.

These processes create workflow tasks that must be handled by employees. Such tasks can be handled via the SAP GUI or via various alternative workflow inboxes. To unlock SAP workflow tasks to mobile devices, Avelon advises the use of SAP Fiori.

Interested in the advantages that are achievable with SAP Workflow? Please contact us for a chat with one of our senior workflow consultants.