Workflow archiving

Need a clearly legible Workflow report? 
Cost saving and performance-enhancing data archiving postponed because you're afraid of losing important information?

Avelon has the solution!

Do you have lots of running Workflow processes? Or have you been using Workflow for some time already? If so, the SAP tables in the Workflow environment have probably grown strongly. This may have a negative impact on the use of Workflow. Reports run longer and opening the workflow inbox takes more time. We can improve this!

In addition, for many business or occasional users, the default Workflow log is difficult to read. The interpretation of the report and the search for answers to questions takes a lot of time and unnecessary actions. This solution can flexibly determine what steps should be visible in the report. You can determine how extensive or brief the overview should be. By presenting the report as a PDF document, the readability is enhanced even further.

Do you want to know more about SAP Workflow archiving? Please feel free to contact us.