Workflow courses

Avelon guides its clients in successfully implementing and managing ongoing workflow processes.

The training of managers and users is crucial in achieving a successful implementation and - subsequently - process optimization.


Training courses from SAP AG

SAP AG provides several standard training courses. These are aimed at increasing generic SAP Workflow knowledge and skills for process modelling. Avelon knows the content of the training well and can therefore advise on good matches to our users' specific needs.


The level of knowledge of administrators deserves extra attention

The early recognition and proper prioritization of problems is of great importance. This is especially so if it is about those procedures that are a part of core business processes.

To give administrators the right skills to do their work, over its years of experience Avelon has developed two courses: 
WFM100 - SAP Business Workflow Administration (2 days) 
WFM200 - SAP Business Workflow Administration Advanced (2 days)

The following topics are covered in the course:  
WFM100 - introduction to WFM, organizational structures, workflow structures and techniques, administration and troubleshooting
WFM200 - introducing management techniques, common problems, troubleshooting, case scenarios and advanced workflow techniques

In both courses theory is combined with examples and applications from common practice cases. Over the years, we have worked out various complete and useful tutorials. With the tutorials, a good variance between theory and concrete practical issues within the SAP Workflow system is achieved.


Customized training

Special arrangements can also be made for a course with more of a focus on the processes in your organization.

Do you want to know more about SAP training courses? Please feel free to contact us.